Three Days Christmas Auction

Three-Day Christmas Auction 2011 - In December, we have the usual Three-Day Christmas Auction, which will be split into two parts: in contrast to the first two days (1-2/12/2011) the third day will be at our Gallery in Budapest, as well, on 15/12/2011.

On 15th December we will organize an auction at Hotel Palatinus in Pécs. After the auction our year-end charity dinner will take place at the restaurant of the hotel, which has the „work title”: GOOD TO GIVE!

The main theme of the auction will be the Zsolnay Porcelain, antique silver and, in addition, the works of painters related to the town of Pécs in one way or another, such as:

Jenő Gábor, Tihamér Gyarmathy, Farkas Molnár, Victor Vasarely, Ferenc Martyn, Dezső Pécsi Pilch, Kálmán Istokovits, Ilona Keserű…

It will contain the following items: classical silvers and silvers from the 20th century, art works, Zsolnay porcelains, jewelleries.
József, Rippl-Rónai: Snow in Paris (pastel, canvas, 32 x 40,5 cm, s.l.r.: RRJ) starting price: 7.500.000 HUF
 Izsák, Perlmutter: Delighted model (oil, canvas, 50 x 50 cm, s.u.r.: Perlmutter) Starting price: 480.000 HUF