Vaszary Villa Auction

The Balaton Ball

On 16 July, the most elegant spot of the Lake Balaton will be the venue to two independent events which complement each other in a great way. With our auction + charity ball we hope to start a tradition and draw the attention to the unmatched beauty the Balaton region offers us.

The exhibition and art auction, as well as the ensuing charity ball will take place in the Vaszary Villa in Balatonfüred, which is a true gem of the Balaton region.

We intend the charity ball to be one of the most elegant occasions a summer at the Balaton lakeside may offer. The auction is a commercial event, while the ensuing ball is a charity event benefitting the children in need.

We aim to promote the presence of elegance, quality art, societal events, and charity in the inimitable atmosphere of the Balaton summer. The timing could not be better: the Balatonfüred Art Festival is happening the same week, with the traditional Anna Ball coming up the following weekend. In addition, the morning of the auction will see the finish of the Blue Ribbon Regatta at the Balatonfüred marina.

Admission to the auction is free of charge. Tickets for the charity ball will be available for HUF 20,000 (€75).

The standard of the event will be guaranteed by live performers (Dresch Quartet will play music), a truly sublime party service by Bergmann Confectionery, and cocktails from the hands of internationally renowned mixer András Lajsz.

The auction features Balaton-related paintings, artworks and other exciting collectibles.

We are seeking media partners who would help us promote these fantastic events.

Again, the schedule of events:

- auction viewing: 6-16 July, 10am-10pm including weekends at Vaszary Villa, Balatonfüred - auction sale: 16 July (Sat), 20:00 CET - charity ball: 16 July (Sat), 22:00 CET.
Direct any questions or comments to, or call +36 30 33 10 600

We are continuously updating the information on this website.

We look forward to seeing you in Balatonfüred:

Sonja and Peter Pinter
by János Vaszary
by Jozsef Dobroszlav
by Pal Molnar C
by Geza Zorad