Sára Osgyányi (1980)

That little beach in Balatonfenyves

Technique: oil, canvas
Dimensions: 85 x 110 cm
s.b.l.: Osgyányi S.

I first had the chance to see this glass-like, graphically unfolding body of water at Balatonszéplak. It was then when I realized what it meant to me and that I’d look for and wait for this on every beach of the lake thereafter. The Sun has to set in front of a flat beach with green trees, with you in the water around 5 o’clock, looking back towards the shore with no wind at all. For a painting like this I need quite a few small paper pictures to be able to catch the sensuous nature of the scene. We planned with Gyuri in advance, that we’d have to go to Fenyves in the summer, rent a place, and be there in the lake around 5 o’clock, everyday, waiting for the heatwave, the lull, the cloudless sunshine, and for the colourful reflection of the green foliage and the sky to wave to and fro around us… This is how we spent the summer, and how the painting began…

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