Auction exhibition: form 1st August to 18th August, every day 10am-10pm (Balatonfüred, Vaszary Villa)

Auction: 18th August 2012 at 6pm CET (Balatonfüred, Vaszary Villa)

The Auction is conducted by: Gábor Bellák Ph.D. Art-historian, Hungarian National Galley, principal collegue

Charity Ball: from 10pm CET (Balatonfüred, Vaszary Villa)

Locale: Vaszary Villa, Honvéd Street 2-4. in Balatonfüred

Dress Code: Semi formal

The Patrons of Charity Ball: Main patron: Dr. Péter Paczolay, Constitutional Court of Hungary
Dr. István Bóka Mayor, Balatonfüred és
Dr. Richárd Korzenszky OSB prior, Tihany Benedictine Abbey

To take apart on the Auction is free; the ticket for Charity Ball is 20.000 HUF (70 EUR).

The ticket include on the ball the cold foods wines, tonics and 1-1 pcs cotails per a ticket.

Online catalogue here is able to be viewed!

You can send absentee bids or telephon bids to the following e-mail address:
József Egry (1883-1951): Badacsony (oilpastel, paper, 72 x 102 cm, s.l.r.: Egry József, Badacsony, NO EXPORT) Starting price: 3.800.000 HUF
Pál Udvary: Fishermen (oil, canvas, 60 x 80 cm, s.l.l.: Udvary P.) starting price: 220.000 HUF
 János Pleidell: Sailboats on Balaton (oil, laminated board, 60 x 80 cm, s.u.l.: Pleidell 961) starting price: 190.000 HUF
Géza Vörös: Girl with flower (oil, canvas, 100 x 71 cm, s.u.l..: Vörös Géza) starting price: 1.600.000 HUF
István Csók: Sokác girls (oil, canvas, 75,5 x 82,5 cm, s.l.l..: Csók I. M.) starting price: 1.500.000 HUF
Alekszej Vlaszov (1952-2009): On plage (oil, canvas, 65 x 89 cm, s.l.r.: A. Blacob) starting price: 380.000 HUF
Szilvásy Nándor: Still life with fish (collage and mixed techniques, 34 x 49,5 cm, s.l.r.: Szilvásy 1968) starting price: 120.000 HUF