Dezső László-Kiss (1953)

Untitled (2020)

Technique: acrylic, canvas
Dimensions: 95 x 120 cm
signed on the back: László-Kiss Dezső

„I paint what doesn’t exist…”
(What doesn’t exist, but it would be good if it did, and also what doesn’t exist and never should.)
„I cannot chose another perspective, because I cannot be with respect to others, being binds, triggering ambivalent statements and informal gestures.”

We can read surrealist reports in his most recent works. All headlines, as the motives, simplified to an extreme, to mere silouettes, get involved in grotesque scandals. The most simple visual sentences. He’s lingering on the borders of reality, looking for intellectaul matters behind the visible, that is temptingly interesting, simple and brilliant, expressive and intellectually enigmatic in the interpretation of Dezső László-Kiss.
This occasionally grotesque and strange perspective and language is an unexpected turn for himself too, since it provides him with the possibility of an unusual manner of speaking. The paintings of Dezső László-Kiss are the simultaneous expressions and essential, utterly simplified representations of fiction and reality from the perspective of a possible solidarity.
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