Data Protection

In compliance with European and domestic (Hungarian) regulations, we do our best to achieve full transparency in our practices of personal data protection.

Accordingly, you may request that we present to you the data we handle in our systems pertaining to your person. Also, you may request the erasure of these data from our systems at any time. Should you have such a request, please direct it to our central e-mail address at the footer of this page.

Our website uses chunks of anonymous technical data (cookies) that facilitate the unique identification of your device for a limited period of time.

Your internet browser passes on information to our server about your device, operation system, internet (IP) address, and browser version. We may use these data to optimise our content to your specific device. We may also store this technical information in our systems in the form of log files for a limited period of time for diagnostic purposes or statistics. We may pass on the same anonymous technical data to third parties (such as Google Analytics) to collect visitor statistics.

When you register on our website, you give us particular personal data, which makes you identifiable. Such are your first name and surname, e-mail address (mandatory), phone number (optional) and password (encrypted). We do everything to keep the use of your personal data to the absolute minimum required for the operation of our online service, in full accordance with your intention, and in compliance with legal regulations.

The circle of our employees - as well as those of the company physically operating our server - who have access to your personal data is kept to the lowest minimum. Your personal data is not passed on to third parties.

When you subscribe to our regular newsletter, we make sure at all times that you can modify or withdraw your subscription via our website or the unsubscribe link at the footer of each mailing.

Upon registering to our website, or subscribing/unsubscribing to or from our newsletter, we always ascertain that the e-mail address provided by the user belongs to the person initiating the action.

The servers running our website and storing its backups are operated by Mik Studio Ltd on their own server infrastructure in Budapest, Hungary.

Should you have any questions, requests or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us at the e-mail address below.