Ágnes Zászkaliczky (1980)

Innocent (2020)

Technique: oil, canvas
Dimensions: 100 x 140 cm
s.b.r.: Z.A.

Portrait painting is a field where the technical qualities of an artist are really put to the test. Long years of study lead me to reach the level where I dare to undertake commissions for portraits from anybody. I acquired the techniques of classical portrait painting from russian masters. Later on, George Gheorghe, the conservator of the National Museum of Bucharest became my master and taught me the manners of Caravaggio. So I use the style of old masters and Caravaggio in my portraits. Still, portrait painting goes far beyond the technical challenges to me. Besides the appearance the real goal is to capture the individuality, the uniqueness and the soul, that shine through every face and eye. The faces become ethereal, as eternity and unrepeatableness is looking back on us.

It seems as if Zászkaliczky was playing music when painting portraits: while she’s working on the portraits of her beloved musicians, she’s listening to their music, letting the painting evolve through and harmonize with it and so a modern/classical composition is born. The colours and forms she chooses for the background resonate with the tunes and its abstract geometry sets the tempo for a masterful hyperrealist composition. The contrast between the figure and the background is in perfect rhythm with the whole, which is both magnificent in her technique and unique in her conception.
Art Daily News International Magazine, Contemporary Art Projects, USA

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