About our online auctions

The items of the auction are be able to view in our Gallery and they have „flash price” as well – it means you can buy the items on higher a price before the close of the auction. (You can get exact information about the items by phone on +36-1-311-3030 or +36-30-33-10-600)
We have some very interesting news, but most of the item are the unsolded of our auctions.
We have minimalized the bid steps on 5%.
We use a the function in our system by closing of bids, what is working by other famous online sites, as well. The last bid is prolonging the bid closing of the actual item with 10 minutes. For example: if the somebody bids in the last minute, than the new bidding close of the item will be 8:09pm CET and so on, till we get new offer.